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The Province of Ontario’s diverse population and varied landscapes make this a great place to live and to visit.  According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, Ontario’s population was estimated at 13,537,994 in July 2013 and is projected to experience healthy growth over the 2012–2036 period and population is projected to grow 28.6 per cent, or almost 3.9 million, over the next 24 years, from an estimated 13.5 million on July 1, 2012 to almost 17.4 million on July 1, 2036.

As a first time homebuyer in Ontario, you could be entitled to a Land Transfer Tax Refund for First-time Home buyers.    The maximum amount of the refund is $2,000. Best Mortgage Broker Ontario.  In Ontario you may also qualify for the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit.  This  tax credit assists with the cost of making your home safer and more accessible.

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