A Brief Guide to Refinancing Your Mortgage

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A Brief Guide to Refinancing Your Mortgage

Sometimes (usually due to bad economic climate), making the required payments on a loan mortgage can be difficult. If you ever get stuck in this situation, you should consider refinancing – a mortgage solution you can get through Ontario mortgage brokers.

What is mortgage refinancing?

Refinancing is the process of getting a new mortgage to replace the original. With mortgage refinancing, you get a different (usually better) term and interest rate. The main aim of refinancing is to obtain lower interest rates and reduce monthly payments.

Instead of throwing out your old mortgage and making a new one, refinancing lets your original loan be paid off and a new one created.

Usually, most people only refinance when they have built up equity (the difference between the amount owed and the home’s worth) on their home. You refinance your mortgage by changing mortgage companies, or taking cash out of your home for large purchases.

What are the advantages of refinancing a mortgage loan?

–      If you have a perfect credit history, you can convert an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) to a fixed one by refinancing.

–      Refinancing usually reduces the interest rate on a mortgage

–      Another benefit of refinancing is lower monthly payments. Thanks to reduced interest rates, the monthly payments drop considerably.

–      With a refinancing, you get money to make large purchases or to reduce credit card debt.

–      With refinancing, you can pay off your Ontario house sooner

The risks of refinancing

–      Refinancing can be risky if you have bad credit or too much debt.

–      Refinancing comes with its own share of costs. The costs of refinancing may neutralize any benefits of refinancing.

–      If you don’t gather the right information about the mortgage industry in Canada, refinancing can increase your mortgage interest rate instead of lowering it.

Use the services of Ontario mortgage brokers to understand how you can use the advantages of refinancing to your advantage and avoid the risks associated with refinancing.  Contact the mortgage experts at Richmond Lending and find out more about mortgage refinancing.

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